Beer Can Chicken Pellet Smoker

Ingredients needed for your beer can chicken A.K.A beer butt chicken –

  • Brown sugar (1/3 cup)
  • Salt (1/2 teaspoons)
  • Chili powder (2 tablespoons)
  • Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Smoker
  • Paprika(2 tablespoons)
  • Dry mustard (2teaspoons)
  • Black pepper ( ¼ teaspoon )
  • Can beer (1/2)
  • Whole chicken (at least 3 pounds)

Note – use brown sugar, dry mustard, black pepper, salt, chili powder and paprika to make the chicken rub.

Directions –

1. When you feel you are ready to start cooking, start your Traeger on the smoke and don’t forget to keep the lid of the smoker open until you see fire establishing, it can take about 4 to 5minutes.

2. The right temperature for cooking is about 425 degrees F, once you reach 425 f preheat the smoker with its lid closed for about 12 – 15 minutes.

3. Take your chicken in your hand; remove the giblets and the neck.

4. Take a paper towel to pat dry the chicken.

5. Once you get done with drying the chicken put a coating of chicken rub, not too thick not too light. Don’t forget to put the coating inside the cavity.

6. It’s time you empty half of your beer can.

7. Use both of your hands to hold the chicken legs once you get comfortable with holding them slide your chicken onto the half empty beer can.

8. Be careful while you put your beer can and chicken on your grill.

9. You have two options you can either cook your beer can chicken till the temperature reaches 165 F or you can cook it for about 60 minutes, depends on what you are comfortable with.

What is the use of the beer? Simple it pops up the flavor of your chicken. When you grill the chicken go for vertical grilling ,yes you heard me right I have a reason behind it and the reason is very simple when you opt for vertical grilling or roasting you cook the meat uniformly , skin turns crispy , meat turns moist and tender and don’t forget to keep the temperature as medium – high , while grilling temperature matters a lot . a lot of people question the use of beer, there is nothing to worry about its beer, beer is said to be good what it does to your chicken is something good for the chicken and for your taste buds , malt and yeast found in your lovely beer reacts with your amazing chicken basically with the skin it not only makes the skin thin but also crispy, more to the fact the meat , it remains juicy .

To be honest the beer butt chicken tastes better than the ordinary chicken grilled yes I m being honest who doesn’t love the flavor beer gives to your chicken it makes your chicken taste better I can bet you would want more and more of the beer can chicken because it’s delicious.

If you want me to describe beer can chicken in four words then I can simply by saying juicy chicken crispy skin what else does a food lover ask for? Some amazingly delicious meat with lots of juice, moisture, thin skin and crispy bites. That’s all is it too much to ask for? No sweetie, it’s not that’s why beer can chicken exist. Enjoy!

Heres’s another video by Munchies on how you can make a delicious beer butt chicken.

Smoked Pork Chops on a Charcoal Grill

This world of foodies keeps craving for something new more than half of the population loves grilled meat and then there are specific pork lovers, pork tastes amazing and if you love spicy pork then you are one of the people I love in this world. Most of the people love grilling but see it as a hard job, don’t worry people I have an amazingly delicious recipe for all my beautiful pork lovers.

For smoked pork chops on a charcoal grill, you would need –

1. Weber 741001 Charcoal Grill

2. Charcoal / coal

3. Wood chips

4. Ingredients for pork chops

5. Patience

6. Buttermilk BBQ sauce

Ingredients needed –

1. Salt ( 4 tablespoons)

2. Black pepper (2 tablespoons )

3. Dark brown sugar ( 2 tablespoons )

4. Thyme ( 2 tablespoons)

5. Onion powder ( 2 tablespoons )

6. Cayenne pepper ( 1 tablespoon )

7. Bone-in, center cut pork chops ( 4 )

Ingredients for buttermilk BBQ sauce-

1. Apple cider ( 1 cup )

2. Brown sugar ( 1 tablespoon )

3. BBQ sauce

4. Buttermilk ( 1 tablespoon )

Directions for making smoked pork chops –

1. First of all you need to make a spice mixture and for that you would need a bowl ,salt, black pepper it would be better if you use freshly ground black pepper, thyme, onion powder, cayenne pepper and brown sugar once you get done with the mixing rub the mixture on pork chops and wrap them properly, place them in your refrigerator for about 1 to 2 hours .

2. It’s time that you set your charcoal grill for indirect heat for about 275 f with charcoals you may use wood chips and it would be great if you would have soaked the wood chips before.

3. Once you get done with the charcoal and wood chip’s procedure place your pork chops on your charcoal grill, don’t forget to maintain a temperature of about 275 F if necessary you can add more apple wood chips and charcoal.

4. Let the smoke producer go on for about 1 hour 10 minutes, do check that the chops are firm or not before turning your grill off.

5. That’s all with the pork chops you can serve them with BBQ sauce.

Directions for buttermilk BBQ sauce –

1. You need to take a medium size saucepan and then heat it over low-medium temperature.

2. Add apple brown sugar in the saucepan and stir, allow it to reduce for about 20 – 25 minutes

3. It’s time that you reduce the temperature and add BBQ sauce once you add BBQ sauce stir it well.

4. In the end, add buttermilk and again stir.

5. Last and the final step – serve buttermilk BBQ sauce over the chops.

Once you get done with smoking and garnishing serve your efforts with a smile and don’t forget some buttermilk BBQ sauce and I promise you, you won’t be able to stop yourself from licking your fingers this pork dish is more than delicious and it’s my promise to you, you won’t be disappointed with that you are going to eat if you follow each and every step of what I mentioned above. Enjoy your, self-made, finger licking smoked pork chops and do share your pork chops with your friends and family.


We’ve all been there, checking your phone without any reason either because you’re bored out of your mind or you’re trying not to make awkward eye contact with the random people around you. Whatever the reason may be, almost all of us end up checking our Instagram feed. And till a few months ago, I’m sure everyone will agree with me, it was filled with pictures of food. A distant friend went out for lunch to a swanky new restaurant, your best friend baked a cake and your relative tried a new recipe. With each passing picture, you’d have multiple pangs of hunger.

Like everything that has ever been a trend, food photography on Instagram is also on its way out the door. While there are a few who gave up because their pictures never looked mesmerizingly delicious enough because of lack of charming mismatched cutlery and good lighting, there’s a more generalized reason why I feel Instagram food photography is becoming a bygone.instagram-2 The biggest pain we’ve all had while using the app was cropping out a picture to fit it into the square shape. Since the shape restraint has been removed, people have started uploading more of landscape and abstract pictures on the app that were earlier left out, because the square just didn’t convey the full impact of such images.  Furthermore, Instagram is expanding its base for general photography through such changes which are evident on the rise in the number of photography accounts on the app now. These have brought about a dilution in the number of food related pictures in comparison to general pictures, when compared to the Instagram feeds of six months before.

Another major shift in the app has been the introduction of the video option, which allows one to share short videos on the app. The video feature has been a catalyst to encourage the ‘story sharing’ concept, like on Snapchat. Such posts are generalized short video clips of anything ranging from scenic views to parties to dubsmash. This has been quite the hype on Instagram recently and hardly ever focuses on food.

The little changes introduced by the app’s owners have caused a decline in the emphasis on the food genre and instead brought about a more general photography era, focusing on scenes and memories, while encouraging great photography. So it’s quite obvious to the eyes now, the trends on Instagram have led to an unconscious decline in the number of lip-smacking beauties on our feeds.


In conclusion, I feel the Instagram food photography trend has without a doubt come to an end. But fret not those of you who enjoyed food filled feeds, like the bell sleeves, have returned this summer maybe you’ll have the food back on your screens very soon to keep you from getting bored!

How to Capture a Perfect Click with your Smartphone

Smartphones have transformed the way pictures are taken. It has now become easy to carry a camera everywhere and anywhere one wants to. Smartphones have given rise to instant photo sharing. The most happening ‘selfies’ is also a result of the camera enabled smart phones. If there is common wish among everyone, it is to click great pictures and selfies. Follow the below techniques to capture your moments in the best way possible using your smartphones.

  1. Understand your Phone Camera Settings:
    Depending completely on the default options might give you good pictures but not the better ones. A key to taking perfect shots is knowing your camera settings. Focus, exposure, white balance and ISO are the common settings found in all the smartphone cameras. It is important to have control on such options to get high-quality snaps. phone-photography
  2. Make sure that camera lens is dust free.
    It is through your camera lens that others get to know your world, so make sure they are clean. Because cleaning lenses can at times improve the quality of the pictures one take.
  3. Go with the Light
    Natural light adds the exposure and texture to pictures besides, making getting better pictures. If one has to click pictures indoors, it is advisable to take them where there is an inflow of natural light. Use the side light if it is at night rather than a camera flash.
  4. Panorama for landscape images.
    If you want to capture the scenic beauties and landscapes, using panorama feature is the best way to capture best snaps with 180 degrees wide
  5. Go close to the object, avoid zoom
    It is advisable to go closer to the object or person one want to capture rather than using zoom option. Using zoom often degrades quality and resolution of the picture.
  6. Increase the Resolution
    High resolution gives high clarity perfect shots, that are to stay with you for a lifetime. However, with high-resolution pictures comes the problem of storage. Do not worry, because there is various software that provides cloud storage services. Or one can also use external storage systems to store pictures.
  7. Set the right angle:
    Having the right angle can make a lot of difference to the pictures. It makes the pictures much more interesting and amazing.
  8. The rule of the thirds
    It’s the simple trick that does wonders. It is widely believed that our eyes get attracted to the pictures that are divided into three. Especially where the subject of the photo is off center. Most smartphones come with this option, all you have to do is just switch on the option and get the pictures that give you positive appraisals from others.
  9. Prefer back camera over front camera
    The main logic behind this is simple, back camera is generally equipped with great megapixels than the front camera. Megapixels and higher resolution result in high-end quality pictures.
  10. Picture Editing Apps
    There are various picture editing apps that came into existence with the onset of smartphones. These apps enable you to edit the picture and add filters, making it more attractive and artistic.

Go grab your smartphone and take the perfect amusing snaps using these techniques.

Body Appearance

The outward appearance of our body depends on the “body type” which we possess. And these body types differ from person to person so as the metabolism. So, it’s important to know our body type and must carry the diet and exercise accordingly. The different body types include ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Each body type is different with other in metabolism, eating habits, the size of joints, and bone structure.


An ectomorph is a typical skinny type of body. Ecto’s  have the light body building ability with small joints and lean muscles. Usually, ectomorph boDy type people have long thin limbs with stringy muscle structure and shoulders tend to have an inward position making it a thin posture. A Mesomorph has the perfect bodybuilding body type.  They have the large bone structure and large muscle strength usually a naturally athletic physique.Also, they find quite easy to gain or lose weight. The Endomorph body type is solid and generally soft. The downside of this body type is that they gain easily gain fat. They are built shortly with strong muscles, especially the upper legs making the legs strong enough to withstand.

Given the details of these body types, have you identified which body type is yours?

Our body types depend on diet and training which we carry along in order to develop our muscle strength. In many cases, people who go for gym’s complain that they are gaining weight in spite of doing exercise at the gym. All these matters with our body types, so it’s important to know what body type we possess and continue with the exercise in shaping the body or to gain muscle strength.

The most important aspect of knowing about the discussion in the above lines is that the “Metabolism” of these body types. As metabolism helps out in breaking the molecules in our body to obtain energy. Metabolism in Ectomorphs is fast which burns up calories so quickly, so they cannot easily gain fat. But they have to consume more food in order to gain food and their workouts should be short especially focusing on muscle strength and weight. Although ectomorphs are highly regarded, they tend to lose the shape and muscle mass. Males and females of ectomorphs body types have different issues and problems of their own.

Endomorphs have a slow metabolism, therefore, they can gain weight easily. In these body type, the calories burn a slow pace which lessens the burning of fat thus gaining more weight. Usually, it is observed that the muscle weight is a fat gain so,in order to keep the hold of fat at a minimum level, endomorphs must always  try cardio exercises and lifting up weights. Should intake more of protein diet.


Hence, it’s in our hands to shape the body in order to  stay healthy and fit. Don’t worry about the darker side of our body types, as every coin has both flips. Eat good food, exercise daily and change your weakness into a positive output. Metabolism changes with the food we taken in so go grab the healthy bite to stay fit.

The Ultimate Guide for Outdoor Lighting

Planning a party in your backyard? A soiree in the garden? Or maybe an evening relaxing on your porch. Whether it is an outdoor dinner with friends or a romantic date with your significant other, ambiance and lighting, make all the difference.  As the sun sets and it gets dark, you are often forced to move inside. Why to give up on a great evening, when there are a variety of options for lighting up your backyard or garden. While some of them may require professional assistance, there are quite a few which you can put together yourself, at minimal cost. These outdoor lighting tips will give your space a beautiful new look and feel.

  1. Mason Jar Lanterns

Lanterns are sure to give your garden a romantic and cozy vibe. While lanterns made of paper would not last long outdoors, mason jars are a great replacement. You can buy them online and attach wire hangers to them. Use stained glass lanterns to add some color or go old-school with kerosene lanterns. Hang them up around your garden, on trees or balcony railings and get ready for date night under the stars! lamp

  1. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a pretty and inexpensive way to light up your porch. You can find a variety of them on the market, in many different colors and designs. You can loop them around bushes or tree branches along the perimeter. One more way to use fairy lights outdoors is to make balls from wires and wrap the lights around them. Suspend these on trees. This is sure to give your evening a magical feel.

  1. Bottle lights

Another super easy solution for outdoor lighting. All you need is some glass or beer bottles and string lights. Stuff some colorful string lights into the bottles and set them up on tables or the ground. Using colorful or painted bottles will give it an even better look.

  1. Candles

The tried and tested solution is, of course, using candles. Tables and Buffets require lighting but may be far from electrical outlets. You can buy or make scented candles, use candle holders and prop them up as centerpieces on tables. Set up pillar candles around the perimeter and paths to light the way. Floating lamps are also a really beautiful lighting option. If you happen to have a bird bath, you can float tea candles in it for added atmosphere. For a rustic and beautiful look, candles are your best bet.

  1. Outdoor chandelier

Another innovative way to use fairy lights is to create an easy DIY hula hoop chandelier. All that is required is a medium sized hula-hoop and some tape. Just loop the lights around the hula-hoop, secure with tape and suspend from the ceiling. You can substitute the hula-hoop with branches for a more natural and rustic look. A wire basket, filled with votive candles could also make a stunning outdoor chandelier. Use solar lights for a more inexpensive and environment-friendly solution.


  1. Lighted tables

Lighting up the tables themselves is a great lighting solution if you are expecting your party to be big. Drape the tables with transparent or translucent table clothes, preferably in yellow and white. Under the tables, you can set up LED lights for a beautiful glow all around your outdoor space.

All of these inventive outdoor lighting tips will help you enjoy your backyard and provide a sense of security. The right choice of outdoor lighting will add beauty and appeal to your home. So get ready, roll up your sleeves and spruce up your backyard!

Bradley Smoker

Bradley Smokers has laid a path-breaking way of expertise and also to create a gourmet quality of smoked food. This provides a perfect output of smoked food which ought to provide the delicious taste. These Bradley Smokers are truly an innovation allowing to achieve professional quality product, thus creating a greater demand for smoke food.


As we can see that Bradley 6-rack digital electric smoker consists of special features which evolve around the concept of user-friendly environment for maintaining super good quality all over, in addition, these features allow it to stand out of the other products. Most striking feature is that it provides a great diversification of various Flavour briquettes.

With the above-mentioned statements, the key features include Convenience: this digital smoker gives the complete control of time, temperature, and degree of smoke at your fingertips. The second feature includes  Quality: it is built from high-quality material and also built tough for long service life. The third features come up with the point of Value for Money where it serves the best superior quality compared to other digital smokers. Lastly, it’s highly Adaptable and Upgradable. All these above features gave a heck for customers to satisfy their taste buds.

This is how  Bradley Smokers work and function. So, coming to the main concept of this “Smokers Stuff”, it’s all about to bring the perfect ribs using Bradley Smokers to the table for serving.


Now let’s see how this is done. The first step to getting ahead is to set the smoker to 275F using Flavour bisquettes  of your choice  ( like hickory, pecan and whiskey oak in which all these work great for ribs). Next step is to peel off the membrane from the each rack of ribs for smooth appearance (suggestion is to put up rubber gloves or paper towel to hold grip). Next, cut and mix together the brown sugar along with all the spices ( paprika,  add 1 tbsp salt along with 2 tsp garlic powder and refine it with 1 tsp onion powder and,1 tsp ground black pepper. Also, append 1 tsp dry mustard with 1 tsp cayenne pepper an addition with 1 tsp thyme and finely 1 tsp dry oregano for perfect taste). Following, rub the racks of ribs in these spice mixture for an even taste of the flavor.  Next, place the ribs in the smoker and smoke it for three to four hours. Subsequently, take the bbq sauce and now generously coat the ribs evenly with these sauce and let them dry for ten minutes to absorb the sauce into it. Finally, it’s cut and serve into the plate for going crazy with smoky food. And also wrap them in the foil to stay combined with the smoke flavor and heat.

This Bradley Smoker helps out to burn and steam the rack of  ribs to provide  a complete essence for smoke food cravings. It would definitely satisfy the taste buds. Besides, it provides a great way to select amazing flavors which add taste  to the smoky meat for a better crunch and  liking.