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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Kaci & Roy | Engagements | Austin, TX

A few years ago, I went with some friends to watch a local improv troupe perform. They were an absolute blast and I specifically loved two of the players on stage. Being the internet savvy person that I am, I went home and immediately started trying to find out their names. I swear, I’m not creepy. Anyways, this was in the days of Livejournal and I quickly befriended them on the online community. We quickly became friends and I’m happy to say that Kaci and Roy are just as lovely and hilarious off stage as they are on.

When Kaci and Roy became engaged, I was bummed to find out that I was already booked on their wedding day. I still wanted to take some form of pictures of them so I offered them an engagement session as a wedding present. They drove out to meet me by my house and we spent a glorious evening together in a field. My favorite part of the session was that before hand, I told Kaci to bring some “props”. I didn’t specify what kind and we didn’t have a conversation about it, so I was excited to see what she came up with. When we arrived at the field, she took out a huge bag with a giant oversized key, dinosaurs, a teddybear, and tea cups. It was all so insanely random and we laughed because yes, they were props but definitely not what I had in mind. I was determined to make them work somehow and the picture of them with the dinosaurs on their heads ended up being their favorite. A win win!

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Kimberly & Jeremy | Wedding | The Legacy Venue

There were definite nerves, just like any other wedding day. But literally, as soon as Kim stepped outside to walk down the aisle towards Jeremy, they vanished. These two have SERIOUS eyes for each other and it’s really awesome to be around. They look on each other proudly, sweetly, and always lovingly. The wedding day was hot (I mean, intensely hot) and filled with grasshoppers trying to get up Kim’s wedding dress, but I doubt the couple would change a thing for the world.

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Houston Maternity Session | The Heights | Maura + Robbie

Robbie, Maura, Mopsy, and soon to be baby Molly! The second I walked into Maura and Robbie’s home on Saturday for Maura’s maternity shoot I knew we were going to have fun. Mopsy, the dog, was full of excitement and ran around frantically with crazy eyes. Maura and Robbie were sweet, funny, and an absolute joy to be around. We photographed around their home in the heights, and then went to a nearby park so swing. Before I knew it and hour and a half had passed and we were finished. We had so much fun shooting, talking, and laughing that time just FLEW BY.

I also want to comment on how absolutely gorgeous Maura is.  I’m sure difficult to feel pretty all the time while you’re pregnant, especially as you head towards the end of your pregnancy, but Maura wears her round belly perfectly. And her smile? her hair? her sweet personality? Perfect.Houston maternity session in homehusband and wife maternity session in houston txhusband and wife maternity session in the heights houston tx

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Chelsea + Kerri | Engagements | Austin, TX

From the moment I met Chelsea and Kerri, I knew I had to be a part of their wedding. The way that they feed off of each other in their storytelling and jokes is amazing. They are kind and loving, and really, I just wanted to be their friend. So lucky for me when they hired me to capture their important moments!

I went over to their (SO CUTE) home for their engagement session. The day was severely overcast, but we just went with it. For the 20 minutes we were outside in their backyard, I acquired hundreds of bug bites, stepped in dog poop, and broke my favorite pair of sandals. But when I left them that day, I didn’t even care. I was feeling high on life and on pictures! I can’t wait to share their wedding pictures, but for now, enjoy the engagement! Their anniversary and wedding date is 10.10 so that’s why they have it featured with signs.. and their hands.

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Anna | Newborn | Austin, TX

Before Anna was a seriously smiley 9 month old, she was a tiny little newborn baby. Her likes included sleeping, eating, and staring at things. I went over to Anna’s house for a mini newborn session shortly after she was born and we spent some time getting to know each other. You know, really deep conversations about the world, politics, and our hopes and dreams in life.

I think it’s so important to document the newborn stage because it goes by so quickly. I’m sure that two days after these pictures were taken, Anna looked completely different.