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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Rachel’s Bridals at the Belgium House | Longview, TX

Happy Friday! This weekend, I will be celebrating and photographing two lovely couples on their wedding days. I’m excited and I’ve been feeling even more inspired than usual lately. Like, bursting at the seams. It’s a good way to feel.

But before I start taking new photographs, allow me to showcase a session from the archives. Lovely Rachel’s bridals! We met up at her venue, The Belgium House, and spent the morning getting shots in her gorgeous dress. I mean, really, doesn’t Rachel look so elegant? Enjoy!

austin texas wedding photographybridals at the Belgium House in Longview, TXRachel Lawson bridals

Berry Family | Austin, TX

I’ve admired Bonnie’s work for years so when she asked me to take some family pictures for her, I was flattered. Okay, I was also nervous and had dreams about it the night before, but I was flattered above all. Since Bonnie exceeds in the family photography world, she knew that family sessions where you take it easy and don’t have a lot of expectations are the way to go. I met up with her and her lovely family at their home and from there we set off on a quick walk to a park around the corner.

Bonnie only had one picture in mind that she had her heart set on- her family around their *awesome bike, dogs included. Once that was done, we spent the remainder of our time together just throwing rocks in the creek and taking it easy. It was so much fun to see Bonnie and her family interact, how sweet and shy Sam is and how goofy and friendly Ben is. It was definitely a treat for me to get to photograph the Berry bunch.

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Chelsea & Kerri’s Wedding at Parkside Restaurant Austin, TX

How can I sum Chelsea and Kerri up? They are crazy about each other and about life and it is SUPER contagious. I’m back tracking a bit to show this wedding but I just couldn’t not share their day with the world.

Their anniversary is October 10th (10-10) and since the date always had such relevance to them, they wanted to celebrate their marriage on the same day. 10-10-10! Yaaaaah! It seemed like everywhere I looked, the numbers were happening with signs or paintings by friends or dimes. It was awesome. What’s also awesome is how happy everyone was on their day. Chelsea and Kerri are hilarious apart and extra hilarious together. And then you mix their senses of humor with their kindness and love for each other and you get an incredible couple with incredible friends and family by their sides, supporting them. Their ceremony was beautiful and there was not a dry eye in the house. But the best moment of their day?

A choreographed lip-sync and dancing routine to, “Night Time is the Right Time”, ala The Cosby Show. As soon as I heard that this was going to happen, my heart exploded. If you know me, you know that I absolutely adore The Cosby Show. I actually had the pleasure of seeing Bill Cosby when I was 18 with my now husband and it was an awesome night. So one of my favorite couples performing something from one of my favorite shows? Yes, please!! It was amazing and all of the dancing after wards was amazing and… everything was.. amazing!

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Venue: Parkside Austin
Flowers: Lindy Floral

Kristina and Chase’s Engagements at the Capitol

Chase and Kristina met in high school but didn’t start dating for several years. They became friends and watched each other grow up while dating other people but eventually realized that they made the most sense together. I love it! A day before our session, they moved in to their first house together and I could tell how excited they were for every big step that was coming their way. They two-stepped around the Capitol and they were perfectly in sync.. something that I’m sure goes beyond their dancing moves.

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Newborn Beaux at home

I was so excited to finally get to meet Beaux! A while back, I had the pleasure of getting to know Janice and Brent and talk all about their upcoming arrival. I could feel their happy energy when talking about their baby and I couldn’t wait to see their family all together.

Beaux is beautiful. She has a full head of dark hair and the softest skin.. it’s bizarre how soft newborn’s skin is. Newborn shoots can go a number of ways because really, it’s up to the baby how they want to be. I’m as big a fan of newborn photos in stockings or fluffy pillows as the next person, but there’s something special to me about capturing the real moments of the home life when a baby arrives. It’s the family, doing what they do, and loving each other. Easy as that. And this family is as lovely as can be!

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