The Life You Love Photography | Matthew
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Author: Matthew

The science of flight has come a long way since the days of the Wright Brothers. Put that together with the advances in photography in the last century and you have a powerful tool in drone photography. However, the quality of the photographs that result from our efforts may prove less than great. So take some tips from the experts to kick up the quality of your photographs and make them more interesting.

Simply put, aerial photography implies photographs taken from the air. It doesn’t involve direct human handling, rooftops, tripods or any supporting objects. Drones, especially quadcopters help take these photographs. Bird’s view is something that brings appeal to any photograph. When you get shots like that...

Photography nowadays has evolved in so many ways, in fact, it became a lot of hobby for many millennial today. Photography is an art, skill, a form of technology and full of emotions, all of these are put together to portray a wonderful message. There...