At The Life You Love Photography, we are committed to making high quality images that showcase what is most important to you in vivid colors, dramatic black and whites, and beautiful light. Our style is about telling your story by celebrating the spirit of your wedding day. It’s not just about a first look, kiss, or dance. We want to capture the knowing look in your eyes that mean so much more, the cheering that surrounds you by the people you love the most, as well as that one twinkling moment you could never sum up with words. Creativity is our main goal with out sacrificing our client’s needs. We are incredibly fortunate to play such an intimate role in the happiest moments of our client’s lives. We believe in treating every person we encounter with the same level of respect, courtesy, and kindness just as we would with our own close friends or family.

We are Leah & Lindsey. We’ve been friends for ten years and plan to take pictures together for fifty more.

We are continually excited about the new people that we get to meet, the stories that we are trusted with, and the memories that we make through our cameras. You can trust that we will be beyond enthusiastic about getting to know you and showing off your love in a way that is special, intimate, and full of life. Our passion to explore and inspire as we improve through our photography is a constant in our lives. Together, we get to do what we love most. When we aren’t behind our cameras and crying at toasts, we enjoy being with our loved ones, using exclamation marks, dancing our hearts out, anything reality TV, and eating cupcakes with too much icing.

Thank you for getting to know us. We love the life that we live.

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