Body Appearance

The outward appearance of our body depends on the “body type” which we possess. And these body types differ from person to person so as the metabolism. So, it’s important to know our body type and must carry the diet and exercise accordingly. The different body types include ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Each body type is different with other in metabolism, eating habits, the size of joints, and bone structure.


An ectomorph is a typical skinny type of body. Ecto’s  have the light body building ability with small joints and lean muscles. Usually, ectomorph boDy type people have long thin limbs with stringy muscle structure and shoulders tend to have an inward position making it a thin posture. A Mesomorph has the perfect bodybuilding body type.  They have the large bone structure and large muscle strength usually a naturally athletic physique.Also, they find quite easy to gain or lose weight. The Endomorph body type is solid and generally soft. The downside of this body type is that they gain easily gain fat. They are built shortly with strong muscles, especially the upper legs making the legs strong enough to withstand.

Given the details of these body types, have you identified which body type is yours?

Our body types depend on diet and training which we carry along in order to develop our muscle strength. In many cases, people who go for gym’s complain that they are gaining weight in spite of doing exercise at the gym. All these matters with our body types, so it’s important to know what body type we possess and continue with the exercise in shaping the body or to gain muscle strength.

The most important aspect of knowing about the discussion in the above lines is that the “Metabolism” of these body types. As metabolism helps out in breaking the molecules in our body to obtain energy. Metabolism in Ectomorphs is fast which burns up calories so quickly, so they cannot easily gain fat. But they have to consume more food in order to gain food and their workouts should be short especially focusing on muscle strength and weight. Although ectomorphs are highly regarded, they tend to lose the shape and muscle mass. Males and females of ectomorphs body types have different issues and problems of their own.

Endomorphs have a slow metabolism, therefore, they can gain weight easily. In these body type, the calories burn a slow pace which lessens the burning of fat thus gaining more weight. Usually, it is observed that the muscle weight is a fat gain so,in order to keep the hold of fat at a minimum level, endomorphs must always  try cardio exercises and lifting up weights. Should intake more of protein diet.


Hence, it’s in our hands to shape the body in order to  stay healthy and fit. Don’t worry about the darker side of our body types, as every coin has both flips. Eat good food, exercise daily and change your weakness into a positive output. Metabolism changes with the food we taken in so go grab the healthy bite to stay fit.