Body Building

Metabolism  is a crucial part in  building up strength and producing  optimum energy to the human body. Within this process, body type and health condition matter. Metabolism is all about the chemical process in the body and this process  make the body alive and functioning.

These chemical processes require energy. And the minimum amount of energy required to carry out these chemical processes within the human body  is termed as  the basal metabolic rate (BMR) which makes  a live functioning of organs.


Most importantly, if metabolism is higher then it’s a healthy sign because it burns away calories and keep you light and bring out the energy. So, this entirely depends on our diet and food we intake.


There are few instances that people who  exercise daily do not cut down the calories in them, the possible diagnosis is that the body is undergoing a  slow metabolism process, hence it is completely the body type structure which is playing the major role.


So, friends who are discouraged with the results of slow metabolism  here, are few tips to influence your metabolism rate :


First is to add lots of water to your diet, which makes you feel fresh and light. Water removes the toxic materials from the body and tries to help  in better  functioning of the organs. In addition, people who take water instead of sugary drinks are successful at burning calories than people who take sugary drinks. This is because sugary drinks contain hard calories which are not do not burn that easily and replacing them by taking water can easily burn out calories in our body. Studies have shown that drinking water increases resting metabolism by 10-30%. One study of overweight  found that those who drank half a liter of water before the meals lost about  44% more weight than those who didn’t. The bottom line is that water helps you to lose weight rapidly  and keep the fat  off  your body and also increases the metabolism rate.


Do a high-intensity workout, it helps in burning out the calories more easily and speeds  up your metabolism. The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) encompass intense and high bursts of activities thus producing the heat calls to burn away calories. Whatever your diet consists of workouts can easily cut down the excess fat in the body. Mixing up your exercise routine, and adding in few high-intensity workouts can boost your metabolism rate and help you to burn fat.


Next reason will raise your eyebrows up, that is Stand up more, sitting too much is not good for the health. Some health commentators have said that too much sitting burns fewer calories compared to that of standing up. Most people today have desk jobs in corporate sector so,  try standing up for short periods and take small walks in between which plays an effective role in burning calories and metabolism.


Most importantly having a good and proper sleep enhances the metabolism rate and thus keeping the body healthy and fit. Therefore add healthy weight to your diet in order to keep yourself in good shape and condition.