We’ve all been there, checking your phone without any reason either because you’re bored out of your mind or you’re trying not to make awkward eye contact with the random people around you. Whatever the reason may be, almost all of us end up checking our Instagram feed. And till a few months ago, I’m sure everyone will agree with me, it was filled with pictures of food. A distant friend went out for lunch to a swanky new restaurant, your best friend baked a cake and your relative tried a new recipe. With each passing picture, you’d have multiple pangs of hunger.

Like everything that has ever been a trend, food photography on Instagram is also on its way out the door. While there are a few who gave up because their pictures never looked mesmerizingly delicious enough because of lack of charming mismatched cutlery and good lighting, there’s a more generalized reason why I feel Instagram food photography is becoming a bygone.instagram-2 The biggest pain we’ve all had while using the app was cropping out a picture to fit it into the square shape. Since the shape restraint has been removed, people have started uploading more of landscape and abstract pictures on the app that were earlier left out, because the square just didn’t convey the full impact of such images.  Furthermore, Instagram is expanding its base for general photography through such changes which are evident on the rise in the number of photography accounts on the app now. These have brought about a dilution in the number of food related pictures in comparison to general pictures, when compared to the Instagram feeds of six months before.

Another major shift in the app has been the introduction of the video option, which allows one to share short videos on the app. The video feature has been a catalyst to encourage the ‘story sharing’ concept, like on Snapchat. Such posts are generalized short video clips of anything ranging from scenic views to parties to dubsmash. This has been quite the hype on Instagram recently and hardly ever focuses on food.

The little changes introduced by the app’s owners have caused a decline in the emphasis on the food genre and instead brought about a more general photography era, focusing on scenes and memories, while encouraging great photography. So it’s quite obvious to the eyes now, the trends on Instagram have led to an unconscious decline in the number of lip-smacking beauties on our feeds.


In conclusion, I feel the Instagram food photography trend has without a doubt come to an end. But fret not those of you who enjoyed food filled feeds, like the bell sleeves, have returned this summer maybe you’ll have the food back on your screens very soon to keep you from getting bored!