How to Capture a Perfect Click with your Smartphone

Smartphones have transformed the way pictures are taken. It has now become easy to carry a camera everywhere and anywhere one wants to. Smartphones have given rise to instant photo sharing. The most happening ‘selfies’ is also a result of the camera enabled smart phones. If there is common wish among everyone, it is to click great pictures and selfies. Follow the below techniques to capture your moments in the best way possible using your smartphones.

  1. Understand your Phone Camera Settings:
    Depending completely on the default options might give you good pictures but not the better ones. A key to taking perfect shots is knowing your camera settings. Focus, exposure, white balance and ISO are the common settings found in all the smartphone cameras. It is important to have control on such options to get high-quality snaps. phone-photography
  2. Make sure that camera lens is dust free.
    It is through your camera lens that others get to know your world, so make sure they are clean. Because cleaning lenses can at times improve the quality of the pictures one take.
  3. Go with the Light
    Natural light adds the exposure and texture to pictures besides, making getting better pictures. If one has to click pictures indoors, it is advisable to take them where there is an inflow of natural light. Use the side light if it is at night rather than a camera flash.
  4. Panorama for landscape images.
    If you want to capture the scenic beauties and landscapes, using panorama feature is the best way to capture best snaps with 180 degrees wide
  5. Go close to the object, avoid zoom
    It is advisable to go closer to the object or person one want to capture rather than using zoom option. Using zoom often degrades quality and resolution of the picture.
  6. Increase the Resolution
    High resolution gives high clarity perfect shots, that are to stay with you for a lifetime. However, with high-resolution pictures comes the problem of storage. Do not worry, because there is various software that provides cloud storage services. Or one can also use external storage systems to store pictures.
  7. Set the right angle:
    Having the right angle can make a lot of difference to the pictures. It makes the pictures much more interesting and amazing.
  8. The rule of the thirds
    It’s the simple trick that does wonders. It is widely believed that our eyes get attracted to the pictures that are divided into three. Especially where the subject of the photo is off center. Most smartphones come with this option, all you have to do is just switch on the option and get the pictures that give you positive appraisals from others.
  9. Prefer back camera over front camera
    The main logic behind this is simple, back camera is generally equipped with great megapixels than the front camera. Megapixels and higher resolution result in high-end quality pictures.
  10. Picture Editing Apps
    There are various picture editing apps that came into existence with the onset of smartphones. These apps enable you to edit the picture and add filters, making it more attractive and artistic.

Go grab your smartphone and take the perfect amusing snaps using these techniques.