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Monthly Archives: February 2011

The Fords | Family | Tyler, Tx

I love the Ford family! Amber gets so excited about pictures that it would be impossible not to join in on her enthusiasm. But really, if you had the cutest twin girls ever, you’d be excited about pictures too. I loved Amber’s vision for our pictures. Krista and Bella’s favorite thing to do with their dad, Dan, is playing soccer. Amber asked me what I thought of the girls wearing huge tutu skirts while playing soccer with their dad. I thought.. YES! Amber had the skirts specially made for the shoot so that made things even more awesome.

After kicking around the ball for awhile (holy smokes, it’s tiring to take pictures while running and dodging a ball), we headed back to the house for a quick wardrobe change. For the second half of the shoot, the girls baked in the kitchen with mom. Amber is an AWESOME baker and makes the prettiest cakes you’ve ever seen, so it was only fitting to partake in that activity for their special time together. It was made even more special when Amber decided to pour flour on Bella’s head. And then when the girls poured it right back on Amber’s.

Family moments are priceless. There were a few times through out our shoot together when I had to take a little breathe because I was loving what was happening so much. You don’t have to get pictures taken only on special events because the moments in between are usually what’s real and that’s what you want to remember and hold on to. Thanks for letting me in to your lives for the day, Ford family!

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Sneak Peek | Whimsical Styled Shoot | Austin, TX

There’s a reason why Leah and I work together, and it’s not just because we adore each other and are good friends. We have a really nice flow when we shoot side by side and genuinely excite and inspire each other as we photograph. We set up a styled shoot mid February and I’m pretty sure we were OOOHING and AHHHING and jumping up and down for hours because 1. we were so excited about what we were doing and 2. so thankful to work with some truly amazing Austin vendors. Enjoy the sneak peek!

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Lindsey Baker Austin Wedding Photographer

Eva & Philip | Engagements | Austin, TX

I was so excited to meet Eva and Philip at their engagement session since all of our interaction beforehand had been done through phone calls and e.mails. Eva and Philip are planning their summer wedding in Houston from New York. And I’m in Austin. So basically, we’re all over the place.

Eva and Philip are such a compliment to each other. They make each other laugh, are comfortable, and confident in each others’ arms. Even though we were meeting for the first time, they fell in to the groove of just being in love in front of the camera so quickly that it made my job even easier. By the end of our time together, I had lost my voice (it was cold, I was sick, and I was talking nonstop) and I was convinced that I needed to start watching, “The Wire” (I was told I couldn’t shoot their wedding if I didn’t become a fan). To put it simply, I LOVE Eva and Philip and I can not wait for their wedding day.

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Janice | Maternity | Austin, TX

From the minute I stepped foot in to Janice and Brent’s absolutely lovely home, I felt welcomed. As well as feeling welcomed, I felt the excitement for their upcoming arrival, Beaux. It was tangible. Janice, Brent and I talked babies nonstop during our time together and before I knew it, I was saying goodbye until my return to photograph Beaux.

I am so excited for them and couldn’t help but feel giddy when thinking about their future. My favorite part of our session was how in to it Brent was. He was suggesting pictures constantly and coaching Janice during her solo shots. It was adorable. But he took the cake when he practiced swaddling (a hard art!) on a bunny rabbit at the end of our session. The way Brent made Janice laugh through out our time together was really special to watch. I can’t wait to see how their love for each other transforms and makes room for three when Beaux arrives.

And seriously, how gorgeous is Janice? She’s how you dream of looking when you’re pregnant.

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Samar + Ben | Wedding | Vintage Villas, Austin

On Samar and Ben’s wedding day, they had a ton of good luck.  It rained the entire day and even when it looked like it was going to quit, it just kept on misting.  Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be a great sign for the future so Samar and Ben’s future has got to be amazing.  Even with out the bad weather, I’d place my bets on them.

Samar and Ben are all smiles around each other. Their first look was so beautiful and I love reliving it through their pictures. Ben was SO excited to finally see Samar and you can see the giddiness on Samar’s face as she’s walking up to Ben. It’s definitely moments like those that make me so humbled and glad to do what I do.

Their afternoon wedding was so sweet and filled with special things that make up who they are. They read their vows from their iPhones, mentioned Harry Potter (Samar is the #1 fan), had amazing Iranian details during the ceremony, and just celebrated each other from beginning to end. Enjoy!

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