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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Personal: Leah’s 2011

What do I even say about 2011? It was full. I lived. I loved. I was surrounded by people that made me crazy (in a good, crazy in love sorta way) and inspired me to really enjoy. I learned how to push myself in new ways (professionally) and I learned how to let go a little bit (personally). I honestly can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2012, in all areas of my life. It’s got a lot to live up to.

Seeing others post their year in pictures inspired me to gather up some ‘ol instagram pictures and make a collage of my own. I cheated a bit because I didn’t start until March.. but you get the point. Looking through these makes me a little emotional. Something I’ve learned recently is that once you have a little babe, you can really see how fast time flies and these pictures really show it. I’m so lucky.

leah muse's 2011 in review

A quick trip to some sun

My husband, Taylor, and I just got back from a quick holiday trip to Florida to spend three fantastically relaxing days in the sun. We missed our little one but she was happy being surrounded by cousins and presents at home. We spent Christmas laying by the pool with some of my Canadian relatives and having shuffleboard tournaments. I must say.. not bad at all. I hardly picked up my camera, like a real vacation, but here are a few shots that I got from our first day at the beach.

A Proposal at the Four Seasons in Austin, TX

Matt contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d be interested in photographing a proposal. Um… YES! I arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel about thirty minutes before Matt and Erin to scope out the place. I’ve photographed countless weddings with little stress or nerves but this sneaky proposal? I was a basket case. I literally think I was more nervous than Matt was, and that’s probably saying a lot since I wasn’t the one asking for anyone’s hand in marriage. When Erin and Matt walked in to the lobby and started perusing the gingerbread houses, I started shaking. When Erin started reading the letter that Matt had had placed in front of the Capital gingerbread house, I started tearing up. Erin turned and gasping, saw Matt down on one knee. At this point, it was only the three of us in the lobby and I was walking around taking pictures of what was happening. Erin had no idea I was there, that’s how in the moment she was. It was absolutely beautiful to be a part of and something that I will never forget. Erin’s face upon seeing Matt.. Erin’s face upon realizing I was photographing the whole thing.. priceless. I’m so happy for the amazingly happy couple!

Jamie’s South Congress Bridals in Austin, TX

Jamie goes with the flow. On the morning of her bridals, the day called for rain. Like, pretty constant rain with super grey skies. Jamie was driving in from Dallas when I caught her on the phone and she told me that we’d just see what happens. Color me impressed because I’m just going to say, there aren’t too many brides out there who care to brave the weather while their hair is all done up and they’ve got their wedding dress on. So, later in the day, I drove (in the stormy weather with rain drops falling) to meet up with Jamie on South Congress. Literally, as soon as I parked, it stopped raining. The skies were grey to the extreme but Jamie and I had a blast with a light breeze in the air.

I love Jamie’s carefree personality and her ability to laugh things off and go with the flow. It’s pretty darn impressive!