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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Getting Personal: Lindsey

The holidays are pretty much here and we’re knee deep in editing weddings and sessions galore! That means we have a lot of great blog posts coming up with photos we’re so excited to share. However, I thought I’d take a break on this cold rainy day to share a personal portrait project of mine. I’ve written about this project a little bit before, but I thought I’d update with my progress. Happy Thursday!


Amanda & Adam’s Taylor Mansion Wedding

When I initially met Amanda to talk about her wedding and what she was looking for in a photographer, I texted her when I got to our meeting place so she could find me. I said something along the lines of, “I got here a few minutes early. I’m wearing a blue floral dress with my hair up if you can’t find me!”. A few minuets later I got a text back that said, “I’m also wearing a blue floral dress with my hair up!” We were a good fit for each other from the start.

We spent the next hour or so talking about her wedding and ideas. She told me she was planning on splitting her day up so their ceremony would be in the morning and their reception would be at night. Amanda and Adam wanted to get married in the morning so they could spend the whole day being married and enjoying each others company. It was the sweetest idea I had ever heard.

Fast forward seven months to their wedding.  Amanda and Adam had a lovely morning ceremony at Taylor Mansion followed by brunch for their families. They spent the afternoon alone with each other and returned that evening to eat, drink, and be married with their friends. It was definitely a celebration and I was so happy to be part of it.

And Amanda’s tea length wedding dress and her gold glittery Toms? Swoon!

Getting Personal Wednesday: Leah

What kind of wife would I be if I didn’t blatantly advertise for my husband? Taylor, my taller and manlier half, is in the band Quiet Company. When I first started taking pictures and the topic came up, not a single client had heard of them. Now I feel like my chances are 30/70 which makes me feel pretty cool by association.

Anyways, besides being bound to the band because of marriage, I actually love them and think they are great! Taylor’s been doing music since the day I met him and it’s awesome to be beside him and his dreams the same way that he does for me. If you come to a show, you’ll probably see me literally beside because quite often myself and another wife are singing backup. You gotta keep it in the family.

So here I am, today, promoting their holiday special on their newest album. You can pick up their latest release for only $5 for a limited time. That’s a steal.

And what’s a post with out a picture?

My husband is the one with the beard. Photo by yours truly.