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Harper’s 4th Birthday Party

My daughter has been in love with foxes for.. awhile now. She’s had her best friend, Swift, who goes everywhere with her for quite some time and from there her fox family and love of all things foxes has grown and grown. So for her birthday I said, “Hey Harp, would it be cool to have a fox birthday party?” and she said, “YEAH”. Then I forgot about it for a few months and three days before her birthday, figured that I better get to work. So I spent about 40 hours in a crazy, craft obsessed frenzy while I figured out every way possible to make this the best dang fox birthday party any kid has ever seen.

Insta-Monday: Week 4

You guys. How is it almost April already? Wasn’t it just October? I guess that means March has been keeping us busy and is officially kicking our butts! We have some beautiful blogs coming up in the next few days/weeks that we are so excited to share. Until then, here’s this week’s installment of Insta-Monday!

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Left to Right: 1. This is who I am now. 2. Get out of my way! 3. A little obsessed with brussels sprouts these days. 4. My two favorite babes, enjoying the sun. 5. Roll Bounce! 6. Strawberry picking friends! 7. Wedding time at Three Points Ranch!  This was before the insane wind hit. 8. Cattitude. 9. Nothing but beets. 10 . Forgot the only extra ingredient for instant macaroni…water.  Our house still smells, 5 days later. 11. Happy afternoon with Julie! 12. Supposedly, she was just writing some e.mails before bed and getting some work done.

Personal: Our trip to New Orleans

We had been itching for a quick trip and decided to take a week off from life and drive the 8 1/2 hours to New Orleans. We were so lucky to have our good friend, Lance, act as the best host ever. We spent our days wandering around the French Quarter, eating the best foods ever, going on a ghost tour, singing with a piano lady, and taking pictures of walls that matched our outfits. New Orleans, we will definitely be back.

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Insta-Monday: Week 3

How is it already the second week of February? That seems crazy since I still feel like I was celebrating new years a few days ago. These past two weeks have been busy with getting sick and balancing life, work, and play all at the same time. I partook in the longest and nicest picnic ever which was definitely a highlight. Side note, don’t ever go shopping for a picnic when you are 10 on the hungry scale because you will spend way too much money for food to eat on a blanket. Not pictured: getting in to a dance off with a stranger while going crazy to the cheesiest cover band ever in Dallas. If only I had remembered to instagram that moment.

Here’s this week’s installment of Insa-Monday!

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1. Taylor’s birthday was a success! 2. Picnic time. 3. Who are these weirdos?

4. Homemade veggie pot pie. 5. Harper’s super pumped about her new headlight. 6. Some Saturdays I just want to sleep in

7. A bow tie!! 8. I’ll take it. 9. A rare nap together

10. I look like a tree. 11. Lindsey loves me. 12. I enjoy a good cat belly.

Insta-Monday: Week 2

We started last week off on the right foot at a lovely dinner with a group of fellow photographers and super sweet ladies at Contigo. We immediately followed that up with our first ever mechanical bull riding experience. Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull? It’s definitely…something. Terrifying? Embarrassing? Hilarious? The most fun ever? I’m still not sure, but I’m glad I (hesitantly) agreed to try it. By midweek, the weather seemed to officially reach Spring time status here in Austin, so we both spent some quality time outside. My favorite sunny-breezy-80 degree thing to do is sit on the roof of Whole Foods, enjoy a drink and a bite to eat, and then take a walk around Town Lake while the sun sets, which is exactly what I did. We ended the week celebrating the love of two more of our couples by photographing our second and third weddings of 2013. We’re so excited where this year is taking us!

Please enjoy our second installment of Insta-Monday as you take a peek into pictures from our personal lives.

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1. Photo booths are not safe from wedding photographers 2. Day date 3. Super happy about the dinner we had just eaten 4. Post wedding feet: swollen, numb, and blistered 5. I wish that I had the same wardrobe as my three year old 6. We’re so excited about 80 degree winter days 7. The weather gave us a nice break and we took advantage of it 8. Farmhouse Delivery bounty 9. Harper is pretty hardcore 10. Our first mechanical bull riding experience 11. A relaxing Thursday afternoon 12. Leek and swiss chard tart & braised brussel sprouts