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Harper’s 4th Birthday Party

My daughter has been in love with foxes for.. awhile now. She’s had her best friend, Swift, who goes everywhere with her for quite some time and from there her fox family and love of all things foxes has grown and grown. So for her birthday I said, “Hey Harp, would it be cool to have a fox birthday party?” and she said, “YEAH”. Then I forgot about it for a few months and three days before her birthday, figured that I better get to work. So I spent about 40 hours in a crazy, craft obsessed frenzy while I figured out every way possible to make this the best dang fox birthday party any kid has ever seen.

Insta-Monday: Week 4

You guys. How is it almost April already? Wasn’t it just October? I guess that means March has been keeping us busy and is officially kicking our butts! We have some beautiful blogs coming up in the next few days/weeks that we are so excited to share. Until then, here’s this week’s installment of Insta-Monday!

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Left to Right: 1. This is who I am now. 2. Get out of my way! 3. A little obsessed with brussels sprouts these days. 4. My two favorite babes, enjoying the sun. 5. Roll Bounce! 6. Strawberry picking friends! 7. Wedding time at Three Points Ranch!  This was before the insane wind hit. 8. Cattitude. 9. Nothing but beets. 10 . Forgot the only extra ingredient for instant macaroni…water.  Our house still smells, 5 days later. 11. Happy afternoon with Julie! 12. Supposedly, she was just writing some e.mails before bed and getting some work done.