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Harper is 27 Months | Personal

Oh Harper, you light up my life. It’s so evident that you are not a baby anymore in these pictures.

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Jesse Schafer - August 17, 2011 - 2:05 pm

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!!!


Sarah - August 12, 2011 - 10:41 pm

Aww, her eyes are insanely pretty!

Kristi - August 12, 2011 - 8:27 pm

That last shot is priceless.

andy stenz - August 12, 2011 - 3:51 pm

super cute. i love the 2nd from the bottom on the right, where she’s on the bed but i can just feel her ready to take off again. so much fun!

Lisa Redfern - August 12, 2011 - 11:46 am

What a cutie! These are really lovely shots that she will treasure looking back on when she is older.

Avelaine Scyrup - August 12, 2011 - 9:48 am

Awwww she is the sweetest cutie pie ever!

Maximiliano Barros - August 12, 2011 - 9:17 am

So sweet!! I bet it wasnt har convncing her to jump on the bed.

Nessa K - August 12, 2011 - 6:34 am


Deepa - August 12, 2011 - 3:23 am

Aww such a cutie!

Amy French - August 12, 2011 - 3:09 am

Oh, she’s so sweet! Great photos.

alexis sweet - August 12, 2011 - 2:00 am

smiley sweetness

gabby tamayo - August 11, 2011 - 8:04 pm

such a cutie. great sets, love the natural light

Katie - August 11, 2011 - 3:37 pm

Harper looks adorable in these photos.

Jessica & Sam’s Engagements at Mayfield Park | Austin, Tx

Old friendships are a pretty wonderful thing. Jessica is a good friend of my sister, Erin. They met in middle school while both of our families were living in London, and during the few years we were there our families became friends. Since we moved to Texas our paths have crossed just a few times so when we heard Jessica was working in Austin for the summer and bringing her fiance, Sam, we couldn’t have been more excited.

Its no secret that this summer has been unbearably hot. On the day of their session there was a weather warning for an “extreme heat index” and “outside exposure should be limited”. Jessica and Sam powered through the sweaty moments and were completely wonderful to spend time with – 105 degrees an all.

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Jennifer Nagy - August 11, 2011 - 5:17 am

Just came across your blog and this wonderful engagement shoot. Beautiful photos can’t tell it was so hot!

Karen - August 10, 2011 - 5:31 am

It is just wonderful that Lindsey had the chance to shoot their engagement photos!They are very beautiful and natural. I am so happy for Jess and Sam. One of life’s tender moments.

Lindsay and Marshall’s Engagements at Home | Austin, TX

After our first engagement session together, Marshall and Lindsay knew that they wanted to do a part two at their home. I absolutely love photographing portraits in home.. they tell so much more of a story about who you are and how you live as a couple and offer a comfort level that’s pretty unmatched. I also love the idea of looking back on portraits in 50 years and seeing your first home as the background to such important pictures, making them even more perfect.

Obviously, Lindsay and Marshall agreed about the added special effect of taking them in home and graciously invited me in. After we took some relaxed portraits inside, we headed outside to get some shots of the couple gardening- their favorite activity to do together and how they actually met.

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Fotografia ślubna - August 5, 2011 - 1:50 am

Very nice picture!

Nessa K - August 3, 2011 - 6:31 am

Awh. I can’t get enough of these two! Loooove this series!

Christa Donald - August 3, 2011 - 5:40 am

One of the most refreshing engagement sessions I’ve seen! I love getting a peek into who this couple are and what their life is about…truly lifestyle photography at its best! Well done!

Jared Tseng - August 3, 2011 - 5:38 am

Love the intimacy here.

derrys - August 2, 2011 - 7:42 pm

cool ass couple. it has a retro feel to it

Heather K - August 2, 2011 - 7:13 pm

These are intimate in a way that’s rarely seen in engagement sessions. More than proof that they exist, these show who they ARE- as individuals and as a couple. Gorgeous work! I especially love the shot with the dog giving you that look, as if to say “Yes, they’re cute. So cute I could barf”. Haha!

Rima - August 2, 2011 - 7:07 pm

These are so cute! Lovely use of lighting, great shots!

Kat Braman - August 2, 2011 - 5:55 pm

my favorite place to shoot is at a couple’s home. These are so full of charm and personality.

shipra - August 2, 2011 - 5:51 pm

ooohhh, I love these! Something about seeing a couple interact in their home always gets my heart thumping. I want to live in their home…it’s adorable!

Elissa - August 2, 2011 - 5:48 pm

These are so so so sweet. I love your description of why you enjoy taking engagement photos in the couples’ home. What a lovely sentiment. And Lindsay and Marshall look so cozy and comfortable and in love and REAL. This is a wonderful session.

Jessica Schilling - August 2, 2011 - 4:56 pm

These are adorable – really cute couple in a really cute house! I love how cozy and comfortable and natural they feel, which makes sense, but is still refreshing.

Lara Eichhorn - August 2, 2011 - 2:30 pm

I love the idea of portraits at home, but I’ve never had a chance to do any for clients myself. These are awesome (it helps that they have a really cute house, of course, but your work rocks). The piano shots are especially sweet.

Amber Ford - August 2, 2011 - 9:56 am

Oh, I love them, Leah! Beautiful couple, beautiful home….and I love the shot with their dog in it!

Ryan Brenizer - August 2, 2011 - 9:11 am

I absolutely adore engagement sessions at home, where a relationship does most of its actual work. Great set.

Leo Druker - August 2, 2011 - 8:43 am

I love sessions like this – they feel so real and intimate, and you knocked this one out of the park. They seem so genuinely happy and comfortable, which really shows in the photos – awesome work!

Timothy Kaldas - August 2, 2011 - 8:23 am

Nice intimate home session. I like how natural and real it all is. The shot of their hands together playing piano in BW is beautiful.

kristi wright - August 2, 2011 - 7:58 am

This is such a sweet session. I love sessions at home. So personal!!

Sarah & Andrew’s Chapel Dulcinea & Green Pastures Wedding | Austin, TX

It takes a brave and special kind of couple to want to get married outdoors in the Texas summer heat. Sarah and Andrew are just those people: laid back, patient, kind, loving, and they both have a great sense of humor. They make so much sense together; you can see it just by looking at them. After getting to know them and having them share their wedding day with me, I know they’re going to make each other laugh and be happy together forever. Love!

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lindsey baker austin wedding photographer

Megan Summers - July 30, 2011 - 10:44 am

OH My gosh, Sarah, you look gorgeous, and soo happy! I’m so happy for you and your husband. All the best! :)

Lianna - July 28, 2011 - 5:28 pm

LOVE these! Such a beautiful chapel!

Caroline’s Bridal Portraits at the Rose Garden | Tyler, TX

It honestly wouldn’t have mattered where we took Caroline’s bridal portraits. She could have been standing in an alley or out in the middle of a field, she would have been timeless and beautiful at any location. And that is to say, Caroline makes my job easy.

We ultimately decided to take Caroline’s portraits at the Tyler Rose Garden because that is the very spot that David proposed to her. Well, the very spot is actually the bridge that is featured in a few pictures. Caroline knew that it would be wonderful to have that extra personal touch to her bridals and that it would make them that much more special. She was right.

I had so much fun at Caroline and David’s wedding this past weekend but before I can share their awesome day, I wanted to put just Caroline in the spotlight. Because yes, she deserves it!

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Ekaterina - June 28, 2012 - 2:08 pm

Great photos,we like them:-) great job.
Congratulations to Caroline(you are beautiful!)and David! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to document their wedding day,We wish them both nothing but the best!

tim coulson - July 27, 2011 - 7:55 pm

now that is a beautiful bride, and beautiful photos.

Laurie Peacock - July 27, 2011 - 11:28 am

She looks so calm and serene. Pretty.

Steve Koo - July 27, 2011 - 10:34 am

These are absolutely lovely, and the bride is stunning!

Albert Palmer - July 27, 2011 - 8:27 am

What a pretty bride! Beautiful lighting – you did a great job, I’m sure she’ll love these.

Ashley Gillett - July 27, 2011 - 5:45 am

Oh, she’s lovely. The backlit flare ones are gorgeous, as is the last black and white. Grat job!

Ryan Chan - July 27, 2011 - 4:57 am

Lovely bridals! Caroline looks stunning. Third from the bottom is my favorite, she just looks soooo sweet in that one.

Deepa - July 26, 2011 - 11:57 pm

Just one word beautiful !

Lana - July 26, 2011 - 7:11 pm

What a beautiful bride! Helps when they make your work easier for you eh? hehe. Very nice work, that light is stunning.

Gram and Papa - July 26, 2011 - 6:38 pm

Caroline, you were the most beautiful bride we’ve ever seen. The vision of you in your wedding gown is absolutely breath taking. The photographers have done a great job with a perfect subject to work with.

Caroline Ghetes - July 26, 2011 - 6:32 pm

These bridals are stunning. The light and location are gorgeous. And of course, so is the bride!

Mitzi Hulse - July 26, 2011 - 5:10 pm

Absolutely beautiful! How will I ever choose. Caroline, you’re beautiful inside and out. Leah, you were amazing to work with at the wedding! So organized and fun! Can’t wait to see the pics.

adam houseman - July 26, 2011 - 2:12 pm

Caroline, you look absolutely stunning. Super well done Leah. Love this post!